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                                  ZHEJIANG QIMEIPACKING CO.,LTD.establishes 1993, being located in the scenery beautiful cook river's strand, "China print city"- state ·Lungkang town.BE a profession produces plastics compound colourful print a tetrapak of business enterprise.
                                  The company owns 7-10 colors full-automatic high-speed cave version computer printing machine and check article machine that the day of medium cooperates, high-speed stem type compound machine, the high speed system bag machine waits an advanced equipments.Always with the management aim of"the quality is the life of business enterprise, the customer is an existence root".Pay attention to humanized management and personnel a technique training, raise the whole employeeses' whole comprehensive character, insure the stability and the exaltation of[with] product quality thus.The main product has currently:The food soft article medicine tetrapak series, agriculture monster medicine animal feed seed series, big bag and the advertisement film series of the specification packing, unusual tasteless the medicine tetrapak series, vacuum steam to cook aluminum tetrapak series and bear heat compound bag series, zipper independence bag, and various structure pack a film series etc. automatically.
                                  We believe deeply, the product kimono of high quality must can win more markets, the sincerity welcomes new old customer sincerity to cooperate, hold hands a double to win!